Once in the city center, you can easily find the Hermitage Hotel (hotel "Hermitage"). It is located near the main railway station in the street Simon Petlyura (Comintern), which connects the station square Boulevard of Taras Shevchenko. The nearest metro station - "University" and "Train station" - a five-minute walk away.

Hermitage Hotel is located on the second floor of a building built in the early XX century. The classic elegance of gray-blue facade of the house, facing the Botanical Garden of the academician Fomin, and style of interior decoration evoke the feeling of an old hotel in Kiev, with its centuries-old traditions and atmosphere of hospitality.

A bit of history

Simon Petlyura Street, on which the Hermitage Hotel, - Railway station street that starts Kiev, was first mentioned in the press in 1855 as Ignatiev, linking the railway station with Bibikovskim Boulevard. It was called after the famous Kiev homeowner. In 1869 the street was renamed Bezakovskuyu, in honor of Kiev, Podolia and Volyn governor-general of Alexander Bezaka (1801-1868 gg.). During his governorship, and thanks to his participation was opened to traffic on the Kursk-Kiev railway and the railway station was built, which was directed by street Bibikovskogo Boulevard (now Boulevard Shevchenko).

The name of the Comintern Street was in 1919 in honor of the formation of the Communist International. The proximity to the train station which owe some of the main buildings: the beginning of XX century it was occupied by the hotel "Bristol", "France", "Libau" rooming house "Petrograd" and "New Russia." Originality of their architecture - art nouveau and eclecticism. In building involved prominent architects: Nikolaev, A. Haynadsky, A. Krause. At the intersection with Bibikovskim Boulevard was erected a monument to Count A. Bobrinsky, who supervised the construction of the first railway in Kiev. In 1918, the monument was removed, and only in 1954, in its place a monument to Nikolai Shchors - the hero of the Civil War 1918-1920.

On Bezakovskoy, 25 (corner with the street. Zhylianska) in 1908-1914. Elias Church was built in honor of the 800th anniversary of St. Michael's Monastery, which is destroyed in 1935. Interest is the house 3/25 (designed by Tatsiy) as architectural model 30's (the house visible from the windows Hermitage Hotel). Peculiar house number 11/106 (at the intersection with the street. Caksaganskogo on its ground floor is a pharmacy). At the beginning of XX century the house belonged feldsher Kotsyuba Yu. Architecture of the house in the style of Neo-Renaissance.

In the postwar years on the street were built building "Kievgiprotransa" and the House of Life "Capital." The house number 14 printed magazine "Kiev Antiquities". In at number 13, which in 1890 was hydropathic Uspensky, in Soviet times have club and library. On the street are houses Vetrova - monuments of architecture and history of urban planning, including the number 19 and 21 in the style of Viennese Art Nouveau architect I. Ledokovskogo.

Botanical Garden - a quiet oasis in the center of Kiev

Located opposite the Hermitage Hotel was founded in 1939 Botanical Garden of Academy Fomin area 22.5 hectares. It was founded by Alexander Rogovic on its territory the Greenhouse building, which houses a collection of tropical and subtropical plants. In 1977, there was erected Climatronic higher than 30 meters. In the garden are more than 10 thousand species and varieties of plants. In the 1908-1913 years. in gardens, the Zoological Park, the Kiev-based partnership nature lovers, which was subsequently transferred to the Brest-Litovsk Avenue (now Victory Avenue) where there is now. During the war, sheltered garden in its territory thousands of refugees. It worked hospitals, canteens and temporary stay of people. Already in the post-war period was a real forest garden in the center of town, with a riot of colors, the smell of grass, flowers, trees, pine needles. Breathing is incredibly easy. Botanical Garden - one of the favorite places of Kyiv residents and guests.

Continuing the tradition

The name "Hermitage" symbolic - in France and Germany (XVII-XVIII centuries.) So-called garden-park facilities, which are elegant architectural structures, designed for reflection and private relaxation.

Hermitage Hotel creators did their best to match the image of the hotel as its name. At the Hermitage Hotel you can experience the atmosphere of calm and comfort, escape from the city, to gain strength for productive work or an unforgettable holiday.

Interestingly, in the beginning of the nineteenth century there was a hotel in Kiev with the name "Hermitage." It was located right next to the Hermitage Hotel in the street Fundukleevskaya, 26 (now St.. Bohdan Khmelnytsky). It stayed arrived to participate in literary evenings indoors Kiev Opera famous poet Andrei Bely and Alexander Blok. In Soviet times, the hotel "Hermitage" was named "Intourist", it is home to artists Alexander Vertinsky and Gerard Philippe, artist Pavel Korin, writer John Seynbek, scientist Norbert Wiener and many other celebrities.

Today, in a modern and comfortable Hermitage Hotel upholds the tradition at the "Hermitage" - the best hotel in Kiev on the memoirs of Alexander Blok.


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